Research activities:

This company is ready to design kinds of new products based on the client’s request, through establishing research and engineering department and enjoying experienced experts and heretofore have designed and then produced in mass, as described below:

    • Design and production of Calcic Portland Cement (PKZ)
    • Design and production of Pozzolanic Portland Cement (P. P)
    • Design and Production of High Blaine Cement
    • Design of Micro Silica cement
    • Design of Waterproof Cement
    • Design of Concrete Pavements

In addition to the above mentioned items, other activities in different fields, however important, are being accomplished in this department such as:

    • using substitutive fuels
    • Electric power generation using gases exhausted from baking system.

Also, Research and engineering department do supervision on all the engineering activities of the company such as identification and technical auditing of equipment.