Summary of Environmental Activities done by Abyek Cement Company

regarding Establishment of Environment Management Systems

1.Activities Performed (since 2000 up to now) to prevent, reduce and control dust:

  • Purchasing positive plates of electro filters from abroad
  • Replacement of 42 pulse jets instead of bag filters in production process
  • Water proofing and elimination of dust leakage in the process
  • Fundamental repair of electro filters of unit 1 and 2
  • Setting up an online dust detector for the first unit’s chimney exhaust
  • Periodic measurement of electro filters exhausted dust (every 3 months) and sending report to EPA since 2001

Reduction of dust amount exhausted from electro filters, in accordance with the standard.

2.Energy consumption optimization :

  • Observing the power consumption in peak hours
  • Cascate systems commissioning
  • Installing capacitors on all electro motors (in order to reduce the induction effect of electro motors )
  • Using fuel gas in pre heater (in order to reduce firebricks’ heat load and increase refractory layer’s life time)
  • Using sub –abrasives in cement mills


  • Electrical energy consumption in twelve months (in 2009) is equal to 110.5 kwh/ton
  • Heat energy consumption in twelve months (in 2009) is equal to 865 kcal/kgcli
  • Reduction in reactive expenses(through installation of capacitors on electro motors)
  • Observing power consumption peak hours(from 60% to 80% of the hours)
  • Optimal use of resources
  • Commissioning of gas supplying project with capacity of 70,000 cubic meters per hour and substitution of natural gas instead of mazut, for consumption in furnace no.1 and no.2 up tp 80% and 25%, respectively.
  • modification on the production equipment to reach the maximum capacity.

3.Prevention, control and reduction in material and industrial oils loss in manufacturing process:

  • Performing the repair of the machineries when are stopped, in order to control the leakage
  • Sealing the machinery to block oil leakage
  • Sealing the machinery and equipment to block leakages of materials.
  • Recycling of the materials and oil and reuse in the process


  • Reduction in industrial machinery oil loss
  • Reduction in materials waste (soil, clinker, cement)

4.Replacement of bag filters with Jet pulse system:


  • Changing 42 bag filter sets to pulse jet systems.
  • More than 80% of the previous mentioned project (changing bag filters to jet pulse system) has been performed, in total.

5.Establishment and Development of green areas:

A) Green areas

  • Preparing green areas since 1972 up to the end of 2000 equal to a total amount of 50 hectares (400 trees and lawn area equal to 550.46 sqm per hectare)
  • planting the trees within the company surroundings equal to 45/168 ha by 2010. The total amount of green space = 218

B) Drip irrigation

  • Setting up the drip irrigation system to irrigate 75 hectares of green space by the end of 2009.1388 .
  • Signing a contract for developing drip irrigation system to irrigate 80 hectares of the green space

6.Sanitary and industrial waste water treatment :

The activities done:

  • Construction of basin and pumping systems for recycling the waste water of unit 2 furnace satellite .
  • Construction of sewerage network (length=1300 m)
  • Construction of treatment plant with the capacity of 20m3/h capacity and installation of equipment for full operation of the plant since the beginning of 2003.
  • Construction of treatment plant with the capacity of 20m3/h capacity and installation of equipment for full operation of the plant since the beginning of 2003.
  • Setting up quality control laboratory for the treatment plant output unit and performing the daily tests from the beginning of 2003.


In the field of management and optimization of water consumption, the average amount of pollution load of human sewages in the plant had a reduction from BOD5=400LIT/mg to BOD5=16LIT/mg, through setting up a human sewages treatment system with the capacity of 480 cubic meters per day. This is a 25 times reduction.