Holy pact of Abyek cement co. staff

  • We believe that: “What we like for ourselves, we should like it for others too and whatever we do not like for ourselves we should not like it for others”. Based on this belief, we try to provide the staff, clients and the society with satisfaction, as much as possible, through doing our duties.
  • Increasing the knowledge and learning the science is the main goal of our activities and we believe that:”Someone who behaves in lack of knowledge is like someone travels on diversion route and the faster he goes, the farther he will be from the target. We also believe that:” a little work done with knowledge is a great work and too much work with ignorance is a very small work. ”
  • Following the verse “« و امرهم شوری بینهم »”, We try to consider consulting comments in operation and proceeding with the works, from all the people including staff and the clients, and to develop cooperation culture in our organization. Also we try to do the works in a cooperational manner as much as possible.
  • Decent democracy is considered as an organizational theory emphasized by all of us and as Imam Ali (peace be upon him) stated in the treaty of Malek Ashtar: “for judgment between the people, choose the best of your people. ” We always consider competence and qualifications as the basis of any decision and providing equal opportunity for all the people as an integral part of the organizational justice and a part of our responsibility as human.
  • We strongly believe that we should respect the people and observe the laws without any discrimination and meet all the beneficiaries honestly and with intimacy, and consider the cleaning and organizing as the first aim of our works.

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