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Integrated management system (IMS) policy (IMS)

Abyek Cement Co. (LLP)

Abyek Cement Company is one of the biggest producers who has many researching experiences in producing different kinds of cements such as Portland cement type 1 and 2, Pozzolanic Portland (PP), Calcic Portland (PKZ), Especial Pozzolanic Portland (PPV) and Composite cement, micro silica, waterproof and Blaine cement and states its policy in integrated management system, based on the standards of Quality Management System ( ISO 9001), Environment Management System (ISO 14001) and Safety Management and Occupational Health System (OHSAS 18001) as described below:

Abyek Cement Co. Manager, relying on human values and believing in these words saying:”superior quality is the guarantee for organization survival” emphasizes on the product quality control and environment protection in all the process stages considering the following slogan:

“Green production, superior product and healthy environment”

and insists on continuous improvement of integrated management system based on the national and international valid standards through elimination or controlling health and safety hazards caused by organization’s activities and always attempts to have the following targets realized:

Design and production of new products in accordance with the client’s requirement and national and international valid standards, in such way that no undesired consequences affect the environment, specially human resources’ health.
Participate in management systems experiences of similar industries and applied science centers and establishment of an effective relationship with suppliers whose services or merchandise are accompanied with observation of environment protection regulations and health and safety principles.
Continuous prevention and reduction of pollution, wastage and probability of hazard.
Optimum resources consumption and effort to recover any kind of waste material using investigations potential and new technologies and observing regulations and legal necessities.
Education and development of personnel’s knowledge, skill and qualification.
Technology upgrading and developing products having the least hazard and pollution probability.
Abyek Cement Company Manager and staff are committed to observe this manifest’s trend and establish the integrated management system (IMS) and maintain and review and evaluate its targets on definite time intervals