• A glance on Abyek cement

This company, enjoying skilled personnel and considering its research and educational capabilities and via establishment of new management and quality control systems based on the standards as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and also EFQM, has proceeded with the environment protection activities like reduction in air pollution through optimization of electro filters and bag filters, energy consumption optimization through design and production of blended cement, development of green space, leakages control and recovering all the wastes and sewage treatment , along with the stable development.

    • Capacity and lines of production

This plant was established in 1969 and its first unit with nominal capacity of clinker production equal to 3500 ton/day and the second unit with nominal capacity of clinker production equal to 4000 ton/day and have been in operation since 1971 and 1977, respectively.

The first unit was optimized to have a nominal capacity equal to 8500 ton/day on the second half of 2009. Therefore this company, with the production capacity equal to 13000 ton/day, is one of the biggest cement factories in Iran, presently.

    • Upgradation and capacity Enhancement

Abyek cement co., in order to meet the demands of the market and also increasing the production capacity of the country as well as export to other countries, has optimized the first line of production and established a new line of production(no.3). production capacity enhancement of the first line, as the biggest cement capacity enhancement project in Iran and worldwide, from initial capacity of 3500 ton/day to the ultimate capacity of 8500 ton/day, has been completed in the second half of 2009. Also Production line no.3 with the capacity of 3500 ton/day is under installation. In the early future, this company, with the capability to produce 21000 tons of clinker per day and more than 22000 tons of cement per day,will be the biggest cement producing company in Iran and the middle east.

  • Capabilities:
  1. Applying environmental management
    • Energy consumption optimization through load management and enery auditing
    • Reducing pollutants through applying environmental management, establishment and development of meadows and waste materials management.
    • Establishment of a water treatment plant with a 1300m sewerage network and with the capacity of 20m3/h which is in operation since the beginning of 2003.
  2. Research, Investigation and Design
    • Establishing the only R&D center of the country in 1991.
    • Design and production of new different types of cement, upon the customer’s request such as Calcic pozzolanic cement(PKZ), high blaine Portland cement(class 425) and Pozzolanic Portland cement P.P, micro silica cement and water proof cement and for the first time in Iran, capability to design any kind of cement upon customer’s request.
    • Execution of more than a hundred of cement production process improvement projects in the company.
  3. systems of suggestion management
    • Establishment of suggestions system in 1993 and staff active cooperation.
    • Establishment of Quality management system, environment management and occupational health and safety systems in 2004,2007 and 2008, respectively:
      ISO 9001(2008), ISO 14001(2004), OHSAS 18001(2007)
    • Establishment of a system for customers, staff and the society satisfaction measurement in 2002, for the first time in cement industry of the country.
    • Establishment of organization excellence management system based on EFQM model , in 2004.
  4. Quantitative and qualitative product improvement:
    • Execution of the Quantitative and qualitative product improvement in order to reduce the amount of dust to less than 50mg/m3 and product quantitative improvement from 7500 ton/day to 16500 ton/day.(The first unit with the nominal production capacity of 8500 tons of clinker per day and the second unit with the nominal production capacity of 8000 tons of clinker per day)
  5. Education
    • Issuance of the first cement industry’s scientific educational management journal named Peike Siman,in 1991.
    • Establishment and utilization of by-site the site and intersite training centers permitted by Iran technical and occupational education organization, since 1998.
    • Representation of expertism cement educations for all the cement factories of the country.
    • Issuance of 24 expertism books while two of them were selected as the books of the year, such as:
    1. Obstruction and materials cycle in cement kilns.
    2. Refractory in rotating kilns.
    3. Cement and refractory engineering handbooks
    4. Cement Pocket handbook
    5. Fuel in cement industry
    6. Cement and concrete chemistry
    7. Fuel for cement kilns
    8. Green book
  6. Applied Science Center
    • Establishment and utilization of Abyek cement applied science university in 2003, in four expertism fields of cement and two fields of commercial management and occupation economy and productivity and also two fields of cement quality control , software and cement quality control, industrial accounting, occupation and marketing management and market management under the supervision of applied science general university.
    • Successes and Honors
Appreciation board / Certificate
Row Appreciation board / Certificate Year
1 Appreciation board from Industries ministry as the paradigm producer 1990
2 Appreciation board from ISIRI for the accordance of produced cement quality with national standard, from ISIRI 1994
3 Appreciation board from Fars & Khoozestan cement company managing board, for reconstruction of second unit 1996
4 Appreciation board for supporting Tehran university’s technical college building materials laboratory mobilization —-
5 Appreciation board from ISIRI for the products quality improvement 1997
6 Appreciation letter from Iran science and industry university for the financial and spiritual supporting of cement international seminar 1996
7 Appreciation letter from labor office and labor house of Savoj bolagh county, as the Paradigm Manager 1999
8 Appreciation board from Tehran industries and mines organization, as the chosen unit of the year 2002
9 Green movement national program Appreciation board from Tehran green space council 2002
10 The fourth environment exhibition Appreciation board from Iran environment protection organization 2003
11 The fifth environment exhibition special board from Iran environment protection organization 2004
12 The sixth environment exhibition special board from Iran environment protection organization 2005
13 The Kish Island exhibition Appreciation board from Iran environment protection organization 2005
14 government’s outcomes exhibition appreciation board from NazarAbad county government 2005
15 Board of superior pavilion in government’s outcomes exhibition from NazarAbad county government 2005
16 Appreciation letter from Savojbolagh natural resources office for creation of green space 2005
17 The fourth energy national seminar appreciation board from Iran energy conservation organization, as the superior industry 2005
18 Iran quality national award appreciation board from ISIRI 2005
19 Calcic cement paradigm product appreciation board in research and development field, from ministry of industries and mines 2005
20 Appreciation board for cooperation in execution of the election, from NazarAbad county government 2006
21 Appreciation board of cement industry pioneers from cement guild association 2006
22 Certificate of commitment in eminence from IPHRD 2006
23 Appreciation letter from Savojbolagh and NazaAbad natural resources offices for the creation of green space 2007
24 Appreciation letter as the paradigm manager from NazarAbad county government and the parliament of Islamic republic of Iran 2007
25 Appreciation from the manager and the staff ,by Karaj blood transfusion organization 2007
26 labor paradigm council Appreciation board for the years of 2000,2001,2004,2006 and 2007 2007
27 Appreciation board for the special pozzolanic cement paradigm product in the field of research and development, from the seventh seminar of research and development centers 2007
28 Appreciation board in the seventh international exhibition of environment from iran environment protection organization 2008
29 Appreciation board of the first green innovations design festival 2008
30 Appreciation board for the paradigm unit of the year 2008 in the west of Tehran province 2008
31 Appreciation Board as the paradigm unit of the year 2008,from sixth national production festival 2008
32 Appreciation board of 30 years exhibition of Iran Islamic revolution and the ninth government 2008
33 Appreciation board from Karaj blood transfusion organization 2008
34 Appreciation board from Tehran industries and mines organization 2008
35 Appreciation board form Industries and mines ministry for producing composite cement paradigm product 2008
36 Certificate of efforts in quality, Iran quality national award from ISIRI 2009
  • Abyek cement Exclusive specifications:
  • The only cement company which has the statue of the superior R&D product in 3 consecutive years in Iran
  • Design and development of quality control and automation (QCX) systems using Robolab for the first time in Iran
  • The first producer of calcic Portland cement in Iran
  • The first producer of composite Portland cement in Iran
  • Publication and distribution of more than 24 books and journals in different subjects in cement industry.
  • The first one who has the certificate of ISO 9001 in cement industry of Iran.
  • Using replaced fuel for the first time in Iran
  • execution of the greatest capacity enhancement project in iran (from 3500 ton/day to 8500 ton/day)