Green production, superior product and healthy environment

Ethics principles of Abyek Cement Co.

We believe that: What we like for ourselves, we should like it for others too and whatever we do not like for ourselves we should not like it for others.

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Integrated management system (IMS) policy

Abyek Cement Company Manager and staff are committed to observe this manifest's trend and establish the integrated ...
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Research activities

This company is ready to design kinds of new products based on the client’s request, through establishing research and engineering department and ...

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abyek cement history

This company, enjoying skilled personnel and considering its research and educational capabilities and via establishment of ...

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Contact Sales

80Th KM. Of Then Qazvin.Highway

Sales Office Tell: 0098-0282 – 2827287
Sales Office Fax : 0098-0282 – 2823531

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Green production, superior product and healthy environment

-The only cement company who has the statue of the superior R&D product in 3 consecutive years in Iran
-Design and development of quality control and automation (QCX) systems using Robolab for the first time in Iran
-The first producer of calcic Portland cement in Iran
-The first producer of composite Portland cement in Iran
-Publication and distribution of more than 24 books and journals in different subjects in cement industry.
-The first one who has the certificate of ISO 9001 in cement industry of Iran.
-Using replaced fuel for the first time in Iran
-execution of the greatest capacity enhancement project in iran